01. About Us

We are dedicated to providing you a  “Proven Selling System” that delivers the best possible outcome for your clients and allows you to have a thriving practice.  Simply put, with our system you will earn better appointments and closing ratios, experience significantly bigger life and annuity case/comp sizes and be able to improve your lifestyle by seeing fewer prospects and still making more money. 

02. Our Mission

It’s our mission to share the most complete planning process called the 360 Life Plan to Advisors all across the nation so that we can help people truly achieve their financial goals and be completely out of debt. Our dedicated team of owners, advisors, staff have more than 93 years of combined financial services experience, and we’re always putting that experience to the test. We strive to produce training and systems that are better, more effective, and easier to implement than you can imagine.      

03. Our Process

A 12 year tested and proven process is the basis of a FOUR step system that gives Advisors and their clients a plan that covers all of their financial needs and goals before, during and after retirement. Once implemented, clients have a plan to become debt free, can pay cash for all major purchases, know exactly when they can retire, have 150% or greater annual income to retire on and leave 100% of the estate tax free and probate free to their heirs.